Saturday, 16 November 2013

How To Create A Story

How do you create a play? We had a chat with Peter Spafford, writer for Hidden Spire 2013 to see how one goes about putting a story together.

Hidden Spire is a devised piece so when the project started in September, we essentially had no idea what would be produced at the end. The only starting point we had was that the theme of 'chance' seemed to resonate with many involved - Crisis Members and professionals alike. Here's what Peter had to say...

"After early discussions and swapping of stories, it soon became apparent that our different attitudes to luck/fate represent quite fundamental approaches to life itself. In this regard, the journey of creating the play has been an ongoing joint enquiry into the biggest question of all: how best to approach change in our lives?"

So how do these ideas and discussions turn into a script?

"Some of the most productive time was undoubtedly spent in the three writing sessions in which the writing group hammered out the basics of the characters and the story. But many different factors have formed the final version of the play: discussions in rehearsals; improvisations in movement, song, and dialogue; chats in corridors or over coffee upstairs half-way through rehearsals."

Want to know more? Come along to the show to see the finished article!

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