Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Rehearsals Begin

This Monday just gone, actors, singers, dancers and performers be they professionals, Crisis members and amateurs alike, came together for the first rehearsal of Hidden Spire 2013.

Throughout the whole process of forming Hidden Spire through workshops and Play Days, Crisis members and professionals have had equal input. Seeing people's creativity flourish has been a wonderful thing but another element of the project has also been incredibly rewarding; commitment.  
"The lives of many people we have been working with are unpredictable and liable to change and day, at a moments notice" Lizzy McBain, Creative Director, comments. So while all of these workshops, session and rehearsals have been open and accessible and people have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, seeing members who are involved in the project show such strong commitment has been wonderful in itself.

As the project is nearing it's show date (it's 12th -13th in case it's not already in your diary!), those who have committed to the project are now learning their lines and forming the show. It was tentative and shy at stages and bold and confident the next, and good fun was had by all!

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