Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Transforming the Ordinary: Visual Arts Workshop - Week 2

We were keen to continue developing the slide projections this week and also wanted to work towards a larger scale construction that could incorporate some of the works we’d already made.

The group’s solution to a lack of space, storage issues, and an excess of plinths, was to create a modular construction (incorporating said plinths) onto which we could project slides.

During the week we created more slides, becoming even more experimental in our use of materials (salt, sugar, liquid soap…). The construction has been an ever shifting and changing ‘screen’ as more units have been added and the group have experimented with different materials and forms.

As well as adding to the large-scale collaborative work, some members have continued working independently developing other ideas. These have included shadow puppets, an intensely characterful series of ‘daleks’ made out of household materials, and a model of a sci-fi theatrical space.

The sense of enthusiasm, reciprocity and energy in the group has been tangible, and we have enjoyed lively exchanges (usually around the slide projectors!) as well as long periods of quiet intense involvement in our work. It has been great to work with all the members who have participated at various stages during these workshops, and who have contributed an abundance of creative ideas to ‘Hidden Spires’.

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