Monday, 3 August 2015

Creating the set for Before The Tempest

Regular Crisis Skylight classes may be on hold for the summer, but if you step into the art room you'll find it a hive of activity: artists Rachel Barbaresi and Emma Reynard are hard at work with Crisis clients to create the set for Before The Tempest.

'Transforming the ordinary' has been the theme since the beginning of the project, and the creative team have been re-purposing objects to create Miranda and Prospero's home on the desert island. In the play, Miranda constantly wanders the beach on the look out for new and interesting items which have washed up. If she doesn't fully understand what the junk she finds is for, what uses would she put it to?

You'll have to see the play to get the full impact of the set, but here are some teaser snippets from the set-building workshops (images by Josh Tomalin):


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