Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Design trainee: Tony

Tony is one of our 6 Hidden Spire Trainees. He’s been working with Nomi Everall as the Set Design Trainee on Sawdust.

Over the last two weeks he helped create the model box of the set and then presented it to the team.

We are day 2 of rehearsals. Tony tells us what he’s been doing this week:

"I have made the steps and the platform for the section over the door. I was screwing it all together – checking the screws are at the right angles, filling in the screw holes. 156 screws -we have 416 to put in!

I am getting really excited now all the time. I’m really looking forward to painting the set. These steps will be red and yellow maybe with a star in the middle. The platform will be all black with bare wood on the side.

I am really looking forward to explaining to people what I did. I’ll be there at the Q& A after the show on Thursday.

Yesterday I went to the shop and I bought a bird box and table – I can use my new found carpentry skills to make it for my garden."

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