What is Hidden Spire?

Hidden Spire is a project run by Arts at the Old Fire Station, in collaboration with Crisis Skylight Oxford.

Hidden Spire brings professional artists and homeless people together to create a performance using music, dance, theatre, visual arts and more. The two groups work together every step of the way and aim to produce an event which will stir, enchant, amuse and intrigue.


Everything from set design, script-writing and front-of-house is done as a collaboration between the artists and clients of national homeless charity Crisis.

Hidden Spire isn’t just a production, it’s a process – it demonstrates the value and potential of having a public arts centre and resources for homeless people in the same building. Most importantly, it shows that excellent art and inclusive art can be the same thing.

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Life Is A Circus

A documentary about Hidden Spire 2017

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How Lucky Are You?

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Why call it Hidden Spire?

In the centre of Oxford is a tower which is hard to spot. We call it the Hidden Spire. It started life in the 19th Century as the place where small boys would have to climb and hang hoses to dry in Oxford’s first Fire Station.


It is now the route for homeless people to access the help they need to move on, for professional artists to develop their craft and for the general public to see a show, attend a dance class, or see an exhibition.