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Hidden Spire Collective

Since 2020, we’ve been gathering a group of creative people. They came together during lockdown to make art – writing, photography, and drawing – and in 2021 they produced our Hidden Spire show, Atlantis. This group is now known as the Hidden Spire Collective.

Membership is open to anybody over the age of 18, who is interested in being creative with others and sharing artwork publicly. Membership is based on what you can afford and can be a donation of anything from £1-£100.

The Collective works together to make publicly shared artworks. This could be anything – poetry readings, plays, musical performances, or art exhibitions. The Hidden Spire Collective will always decide together what kinds of artwork they make. Each project will be facilitated by a Creative Director and led by a visiting professional artist.

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The summer 2023 project.


Your Story

The autumn 2023 project.

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