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“I would admit that I was a theatre groupie, any tickets that were going — because it gave me a sense of being a person, of having more — something else to think about than my personal situation at the time. And it allowed me escape for a few hours, gave me something to go and do in the evening, gave me a chance to go and be a human being, instead of being a case or a situation.” – Crisis client

We are a bustling arts centre programming around 200 shows per year in our theatre, galleries, and bar. 

We book 4 tickets for every theatre show for people experiencing homelessness. Being a part of an audience for an evening might seem like a small thing, but for someone who feels like a burden or a problem, it can be liberating to just be an audience member for the night, and become indistinguishable from the other people watching the show alongside them. 

To buy a theatre ticket for a Crisis client, please choose the pricing tier to suit you below: 

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