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Making Tracks

Junction 40 is a collective of people who have experienced homelessness and who now take park in arts activities run by Crisis Skylight Oxford.

Making Tracks is a collaborative exhibition created by these people which explores the concept of emotional and physical journeys. The result will be works that express the ideas of destination, transformation, meetings and reconstruction.

This installation was born out of a course called ' All about Exhibiting' which was an opportunity for Crisis artists to learn the artistic process used to conceive, create and exhibit new and exciting artworks.

The group had to work together to problem-solve, share ideas and develop creative skills. The process was exciting and stimulating for all who were involved, and the result was this intriguing installation, Making Tracks.

'All about Exhibiting' was facilitated by Lucy and Emma, both practicing artists and Art Tutors at Crisis. The course offered the clients involved an opportunity to:

  • watch films and documentaries about contemporary artists and artworks

  • carry out intermittent research

  • be involved in organised gallery and museum trips

  • explore new materials

  • engage in a series of arts workshops

The process was split into two phases:

Phase 1: exploration of artists and different art media, and a series of experiential workshops.

Phase 2: developing concepts and making art for the exhibition.

The group explored themes including tracks, ladders, progression, construction, repetition, and used mixed media, including upcycling and recycling, alongside original work. The group also wanted to express personal stories with symbolic meaning.

The name Junction 40 evolved with the group and symbolises the junctions that many Crisis artists feel they are at in their lives when they arrive at this building (40 George Street).

Date: 18 July - 16 August 2014

The exhibition

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