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Our Place

Crisis artists collaborating with artist mentors – Mary Bell, Firooze Tahriri, Jordan Vanderhyde, Katie Taylor, Sonia Boué and Penny Maltby, present an exhibition which explores a sense of ‘place’.

The artists have all investigated ideas of what the Old Fire Station means to them in terms of personal development and support. The work includes reference to elements of the unseen and forgotten within the building and also within themselves.

The work within the exhibition acts as a reminder for us to always look a little deeper.

“Because the work itself it is a complete reflection of me, you know I’ve had quite a dark past emotionally, internally and externally as well and it’s been a bit of a grimy journey, and I’ve been able to build my confidence, work towards an education, and start doing some more positive stuff for myself as well as for other people.

- Our Place artist

Date: 16 November – 22 December 2018


Evaluation report

How do we understand the impact of Our Place? We asked people to tell us their stories. See what we found out.

Read the report


Our Place stories

Stories of how Our Place impacted the people involved.

Read the stories

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